Department of stem cell preparation

Department of stem cell preparation was founded in the St. Elisabeth Oncological Institute in 2012. Foundation of the CCTRM was inspired by realizing that the world - wide research of stem cells arrived at the stage, when stem cell therapy is starting to be tested in clinical trials for therapy of many disease that do not have satisfactorily standard therapies or are not treatable.

Principle of stem cell therapeutic effect

In the human body in every organ are present adult stem cells in small numbers. They serve for regeneration of worn or damage tissues. Researchers have found that the stem cells could be isolated and expanded in the laboratory to such number, who is needed for the therapeutic use. When the stem cells are delivered in the sufficient number to the damaged site in the body, they induce endogenous reparatory processes, who repair the damage. Process of repairs lasts for several months. In order to use stem cells clinically it is necessary to prepare and expand them in sterile environment in GMP  (Good Manufactoring Procedures) facility.  Such GMP facility was built in the St. Elisabeth Oncological Institute and its approved for production of stem cells for clinical application.

The Department mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow, adipose tissue, dental pulp, umbilical cord and menstruation blood are prepared by highly qualified specialists. The quality of expanded mesenchymal stem cells is tested by their abilities to be induce to differentiation to adipocytes, esteoblasts and chondrocytes and for the presence of cell surface markers, internationally recognized standards of these cells. The expanded and characterized stem cells are preserved as living cells by freezing them in liquid nitrogen at -180 C, from where in case of their need can be used.

Mesenchymal stem cells could be used in the regeneration medicine for treatment of various illnesses. In many clinical trials researchers try to find the optimal dose of the cells as well as their novel applications in various diseases. The scientists from the Department in the agreement with the world trend intend to widen therapeutic use of mesenchymal stem cells for so called civilizing illnesses, including those tumors, which have not yet an effective therapy.

In the realm of regeneration medicine in the St. Elisabeth Oncological Institute we produce mesenchymal stem cells, which in collaboration with Department of maxilla-facial surgery are used for healing of patients with jaw aseptic necrosis.

Treatment of cancer patients with modified stem cells will take place in near future in selected patients recommended by specialized commission on the basis of individual agreement given by Ministry of Health Slovak Republic.

Employees of the Department of stem cell preparation:
Ján Lakota, M.D., Ph.D., Guarantee for cell transplantation
Assoc. Prof. Čestmir Altaner, Ph.D., DSc., Head
Uršula Altanerová, M.Sc.
Jana Jakubechová, M.Sc.